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Obedience; It’s Why Do We Study the Bible

Almost seems like a rhetorical question. But it’s not. Really, why do we study the bible? I’m sure each of us can come up with a number of reasons. Topping the list might be, to learn how to be a ‘better Christian’. Others might be to simply learn more about God’s Word in general, or to know more about Christian history. Some study to find encouragement for themselves, or for others. Some study to prepare a sermon or a devotional message. For that matter, some study to prepare a blog post. The reality is that practically, none of these answers...


The Pain of Empty Fields

After serving the Lord for 8 years in the ministry in Bonney Lake, our family moved back to the Olympia area and purchased a piece of property, 5 acres in size near Tenino, WA. Here, for the last 4 years, and in some of the most formative years for our three children, this place has been our home. We have loved it, will likely never leave it, and have treasured this place and the fellowship we have had hear with great joy. During these 4 years, we have watched all three of our children become grown young adult. Each of...


I’m Offended – Well, That’s Your Choice

We are surrounded by a nation of snowflakes. We live in a culture pushing hard towards liberalism in all areas. This is a tough fight for Christians and political conservatives. Taking a look at some statistics, it’s easy to see why. In a recent study published by the Econ Journal Watch, the results showed that of all College and University Professors who are registered voters and responded to the poll, self-professed liberals outnumber both moderates and conservatives 12-1, and the trend is worsening. The Washington Times (a liberal news source itself) reported on this study and confirmed that out of five...


Dragged from a United Flight; A Christian Response

By this time we have all seen the videos and pictures of the man being drug off a United Airlines flight against his will. The pictures are terrible, and the video is horrifying. We immediately see such an over-reach of authority, and I’m sure each of us has created a mental list of this man’s rights that have been violated in the process. As Christians, generally we abhor violence. There is, and will always be discussions on the biblical merits of war, self-defense etc, but for the most part, I think we can all agree that violence for violence’s sake, when...

Time to Hold Administrators Individually Accountable 0

Time to Hold Administrators Individually Accountable

A High School Student in Oregon was SUSPENDED from High School for hanging this sign in the school where other political and student signs are also hanging. If I were this students parent, I could see free college tuition for my child, plus a very large settlement in my future. Schools and municipal authorities need to know they are not Gods, and cannot randomly suspend the Constitution because of the socio-political agendas. However, sue the school, and no one gets taught a lesson because the tax payers foot the bill. In one particular case, the school in question is Oregon’s Forest Grove...

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