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Dragged from a United Flight; A Christian Response

By this time we have all seen the videos and pictures of the man being drug off a United Airlines flight against his will. The pictures are terrible, and the video is horrifying. We immediately see such an over-reach of authority, and I’m sure each of us has created a mental list of this man’s rights that have been violated in the process. As Christians, generally we abhor violence. There is, and will always be discussions on the biblical merits of war, self-defense etc, but for the most part, I think we can all agree that violence for violence’s sake, when...

Time to Hold Administrators Individually Accountable 0

Time to Hold Administrators Individually Accountable

A High School Student in Oregon was SUSPENDED from High School for hanging this sign in the school where other political and student signs are also hanging. If I were this students parent, I could see free college tuition for my child, plus a very large settlement in my future. Schools and municipal authorities need to know they are not Gods, and cannot randomly suspend the Constitution because of the socio-political agendas. However, sue the school, and no one gets taught a lesson because the tax payers foot the bill. In one particular case, the school in question is Oregon’s Forest Grove...


Correcting the Rev. William Barber

Watching the Republican and Democrat Nation Conventions this past two weeks have been awesome. A great spectacle of American politics, and surely, a sincere exhibition of the divide not only in American politics, but in America period. America in an a bombastic period of unrest. Social issues lead the day, and racial tensions are higher than we have seen since the 1960’s. We have become a nation of radicals, where screaming “pigs in a blanket, fry them like bacon”, and “what do we want? DEAD COPS!, When do we want them? NOW!” have become the battle cry of ‘equality’ in...


A Mother’s Advice

A mother’s job is (in part) to raise her children in such a manner that they are a well rounded, productive citizen that is prepared mentally, physically and emotionally to take on/deal with our world. Of course in the manner in which God has designed the family structure, the mother has help. The father is there to provide for her and assist as best he can in raising the child. Certainly there are responsibilities that  a father will be best at assisting with such as learning a trade skill, and ‘man things’ such as a proper hand shake, personal hygiene...


When we Fail at Righteousness

One of my favorite and go-to books when doing devotionals or just reading for the purpose of edification has been for year, Thomas a’Kempis The Imitation of Christ. Today I read the following: [Jesus talking to His disciple:] MY CHILD, you cannot always continue in the more fervent desire of virtue, or remain in the higher stage of contemplation, but because of humanity’s sin you must sometimes descend to lower things and bear the burden of this corruptible life, albeit unwillingly and wearily. As long as you wear a mortal body you will suffer weariness and heaviness of heart. You...

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