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Random thoughts that may or may not be directly attributed to my Christian faith, but swill always be expressed thorough a Christian filter.


God is Not Calling Women to be Priests

Ten years ago or so, there was a growing debate about the clarity of God’s word with regards to women being in church leadership. By leadership I mean in an active role in teaching, or inRead More…


Making Disciples: Simply Teach God’s Word Simply

Christianity is often made more complicated than it need be. Sadly, we as Christians are typically the one’s responsible for causing the confusion and creating the unnecessarily complicated platform that has become the common understanding ofRead More…


Apologetics and Scholarship With Love

Few things are more infuriating to me than people passing themselves off as an expert in a field, that obviously lack the knowledge of the topic at hand, or the professional willingness to debate their assertions.Read More…


Obedience; It’s Why Do We Study the Bible

Almost seems like a rhetorical question. But it’s not. Really, why do we study the bible? I’m sure each of us can come up with a number of reasons. Topping the list might be, to learnRead More…


The Pain of Empty Fields

After serving the Lord for 8 years in the ministry in Bonney Lake, our family moved back to the Olympia area and purchased a piece of property, 5 acres in size near Tenino, WA. Here, forRead More…