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Random thoughts that may or may not be directly attributed to my Christian faith, but swill always be expressed thorough a Christian filter.


I’m Offended – Well, That’s Your Choice

We are surrounded by a nation of snowflakes.¬†We live in a culture pushing hard towards liberalism in all areas. This is a tough fight for Christians and political conservatives. Taking a look at some statistics, it’sRead More…


Dragged from a United Flight; A Christian Response

By this time we have all seen the videos and pictures of the man being drug off a United Airlines flight against his will. The pictures are terrible, and the video is horrifying. We immediately seeRead More…


Correcting the Rev. William Barber

Watching the Republican and Democrat Nation Conventions this past two weeks have been awesome. A great spectacle of American politics, and surely, a sincere exhibition of the divide not only in American politics, but in AmericaRead More…


A Mother’s Advice

A mother’s job is (in part) to raise her children in such a manner that they are a well rounded, productive citizen that is prepared mentally, physically and emotionally to take on/deal with our world. OfRead More…


When we Fail at Righteousness

One of my favorite and go-to books when doing devotionals or just reading for the purpose of edification has been for year, Thomas a’Kempis The Imitation of Christ. Today I read the following: [Jesus talking toRead More…