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Reaction to Garland

Current events in the United States are taking paths tat, while we have seen them before, seem to be taking on lives of their own. Social media dominates the news to the point where the Tweets of actors and actresses are now uses as sources for news stories without any further inquiry into the validity of the comments. Instead of quality investigative journalism driving the news media, the news media is now being driven by Tweets, Pintrest Pins, Instagram comments and Facebook posts. Today’s rally very seems to be focused on the promoters of a Muslim Art exhibit in Garland,...


Is Man Good, or Evil?

While parts of the city of Baltimore were burning due to rioting crowds in protest of a persons death while in police custody, people are left on the outside looking in wondering why. So many questions, and little answers. Most notably from the leaders in the “black community”. Without debating the merits of inner city oppression, race inequality, the marginalization of young black men (none of which I believe in), and the militarization of local police forces, let’s just focus on what really can be a solution to so much hate and division. First of all, let’s be honest. We...


Changes in Generational Expectations

I often joke with my wife who is 6 years my junior, about the differences in our generations. It’s funny really – because 7 years does not make a generation in anyone’s book. But in just those few short years, the world changed a great deal. What is even more interesting is how we each experienced those times before we met, and how it makes a difference in the way we remember things, how we reacted to those events and experiences, and in turn the effect is had on our lives. Silly, small things mostly, but different just the same....


Devotions: 5-Different Ways to Keep Your Devotions Fresh

Like prayer, having a solid devotional life is critical to every Christian who desires to grow in Christ. Over time, how we spend our devotional time shifts and changes. We do the best we can to stay close to our creator, growing in knowledge and understanding of Him, and try to (re)build a relationship with Him that is better than the one we had, yesterday, last month, last year. However, no matter what you do, how you change that time you set aside each day for time to devote to your love and reverence for Jesus, it can easily becomes...


Hillsong’s Brian Houston and Gay Marriage

Houston, we have a problem. Yet another hub-bub in conservative Christian circles is rocking social media. This issue relates to Hillsong’s founder and pastor Brian Houston and his remarks pertaining to gay marriage. The buzz started buzzing and the media started taking sides almost immediately. Thankfully, some cooler heads prevailed and waited to see how this all worked out as the cloud of dust and the hardy ‘Hi-Ho Silver’s’ settled down. I’ve reserved comment on this topic until now. I still would not be commenting on it but for the reason that I see an opportunity to point out an...

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