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Random thoughts that may or may not be directly attributed to my Christian faith, but swill always be expressed thorough a Christian filter.


Devotions: 5-Different Ways to Keep Your Devotions Fresh

Like prayer, having a solid devotional life is critical to every Christian who desires to grow in Christ. Over time, how we spend our devotional time shifts and changes. We do the best we can toRead More…


Hillsong’s Brian Houston and Gay Marriage

Houston, we have a problem. Yet another hub-bub in conservative Christian circles is rocking social media. This issue relates to Hillsong’s founder and pastor Brian Houston and his remarks pertaining to gay marriage. The buzz startedRead More…


The Implications of Understanding Contentment

I’d venture a guess that most Christians are aware of the verse in Philippians 4:13 that says, “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me“. And why not? It is one of the mostRead More…


Why the Trend in Christian Movies is Bad

For years, Christian movies have doing very well in theaters. Revenue return over cost invested in Christian films are some of the highest percentages in the film industry. This is not just considering¬†independent films, but releasesRead More…


I am a Mucked-Out Stall

Farm life, even life on a small farm inhabited with more chickens then any other livestock, cause a man to ponder things from strange or uncommon points of view sometimes. For some reason last evening, justRead More…