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Personal Theology vs. Christianity

We could talk for long hours about what’s “wrong” with Christianity today. I would begin any such discussion with the caveat that Solomon was right, there is nothing new under the sun. What so many of us see as contributing factors into the modern secularism of Christianity are not new issues, and not issues that are unique to our generation. God is the same yesterday, today and forever (Hebrews 13:8), and so are his created beings – including Satan. Sin is sin. It comes in many forms, and the devil will seek out your weaknesses to break your fellowship with...


Devotions: 5-Different Ways to Keep Your Devotions Fresh

Like prayer, having a solid devotional life is critical to every Christian who desires to grow in Christ. Over time, how we spend our devotional time shifts and changes. We do the best we can to stay close to our creator, growing in knowledge and understanding of Him, and try to (re)build a relationship with Him that is better than the one we had, yesterday, last month, last year. However, no matter what you do, how you change that time you set aside each day for time to devote to your love and reverence for Jesus, it can easily becomes...


Statute of Limitations

You know what? I was kind of a quiet wild-child when I was younger. I did my best to stay out of trouble mostly by not doing things that were blatantly illegal, and doing a good job of hiding all the nasty things I did otherwise. Prompted by a recent TBT (Throw Back Thursday) photo that I shared on my Facebook page, a friend was reminded of some of our hijinks, and stated how thankful he was for the statute of limitations! That, got me to thinking. Some earthly laws in this country have what is called a statute of...



Nothing is more beautiful than my wife. I guess you’d expect me to say that, after-all, I did marry her. But I’m not talking about just her outside beauty. While I certainly find her physically attractive, and appreciate that type of beauty, there is so much more that God shows be about the quality of her beauty all the time. All we have to do to see what the world considers as beautiful these days is open the Sunday paper, or your favorite magazine. Spend ten minutes watching television, or take a walk through the local mall. To the world,...


Why the Trend in Christian Movies is Bad

For years, Christian movies have doing very well in theaters. Revenue return over cost invested in Christian films are some of the highest percentages in the film industry. This is not just considering independent films, but releases from major studios are experiencing the same results. It seems the better these films are produced (and the less they look “B” grade), the higher the profit margin. So if Christian films are making more money per dollar invested, why is Hollywood not making more? For years this has been the question that American Christians have been asking. Finally, Hollywood seems to be listening.  The...

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