Time to Hold Administrators Individually Accountable

build a wallA High School Student in Oregon was SUSPENDED from High School for hanging this sign in the school where other political and student signs are also hanging. If I were this students parent, I could see free college tuition for my child, plus a very large settlement in my future. Schools and municipal authorities need to know they are not Gods, and cannot randomly suspend the Constitution because of the socio-political agendas. However, sue the school, and no one gets taught a lesson because the tax payers foot the bill.

In one particular case, the school in question is Oregon’s Forest Grove High School. Forest Grove High School is about 25 miles due west of Portland, and has quite a controversial history. In February this year, the Forest Grove email network began sending out pornographic emails to students in what was apparently an outside ‘hack’ job, but was never fully explained how in detail. Exactly how these emails were sent out has never fully been explained. Additionally, former students and parents of students currently attending Forest Grove High School have also reported incidents of racial discrimination – against Americans and whites – by the highly populous and overtly outspoken immigrant community from Mexico. At one point immigrant (their legal status unknown) students protested the playing of the American National anthem, refused to stand up for the playing of the anthem, and DEMANDED that the national anthem of Mexico be played at all student events. there are other reports of physical abuse against American students by the immigrant Mexican population there as well.

It has also come out that several institutions of higher learning are demanding that students stop using certain terms, and demand they begin to use replacement

FILE - In this Friday, Oct. 16, 2015, file photo, Bremerton High assistant footbal coach Joe Kennedy, center in blue, kneels and prays after his team lost to Centralia in Bremerton, Wash. The coach of a Washington state high school football team who prayed at games despite orders from the school district to stop has been placed on paid administrative. Bremerton School District officials said in a statement late Wednesday, Oct. 28, 2015, that assistant football coach Joe Kennedy's leave was necessitated because of his refusal to comply with district directives that he refrain from engaging in overt, public religious displays on the football field while on duty as a coach.   ( Lindsey Wasson/The Seattle Times via AP) OUTS: SEATTLE OUT, USA TODAY OUT, MAGAZINES OUT, TELEVISION OUT, SALES OUT. MANDATORY CREDIT TO: LINDSEY WASSON / THE SEATTLE TIMES. ORG XMIT: WASET202

Oct. 16, 2015, Bremerton High assistant footbal coach Joe Kennedy, center in blue, kneels and prays after his team lost to Centralia in Bremerton, Wash.

terms with regards to gender. Harvard University announced that they will begin allowing applicants to use gender neutral pronouns when applying to the University back in September of 2015. Other Universities quickly followed. The University of West Virginia so boldly announced that if a student were to use any reference to another student other than the approved pronoun of choice by the other individual, that you are in fact a criminal, in violation of Federal Law.  While WVU can make whatever wild claims they want, they in fact incorrect, and any such suggestion is ridiculous.

A Bremerton, Washington High School football coach was fired for praying on the football field before and/or after games. He’s now suing the School district for compensation, and to be reinstated as the head football coach.

wvuAll of these things, and so many more like them, are blatant violations of the Constitutional Rights of the individuals. There is no defensible law that states you cannot pray in public because you are employed by a governmental entity. If this were in fact true, why is ever session of the House and Senate opened with a prayer – and yet none of those Senators or Congressmen arrested for their public prayers? Hypocrisy abounds. There is no defensible law that states you have the Constitutional Right to live your life without ever being offended. If stating that you support building a wall is on the Mexican border is so offensive that it in fact becomes a crime punishable by law just for saying so (and used to suspend a student)- then again, why are our Senators, Congressmen and President GW Bush not in jail, for they passed a law to build such a wall, and the former President signed the bill into law?

Bottom line here – being offended is a choice you make, and making an offensive statement is not a crime. That said, as they told us in basic training – suck it up, genderand drive on.

So here’s my point. Big, bold powerful and rich institutions and government entities will continue to push their leftist, liberal social agendas down the throats of freedom loving Americans just as long as those freedom loving Americans let them. Sure, sometimes we get together ansd sue these organizations, and governmental entities and school boards and colleges, but in the end, it’s the American tax payer that foots the bill. The governments do not care when they lose a court case such as this. Why should they? All they have to do is raise your taxes, and pay the fine and penalties. Easy, peasy, lemon squeezy. Colleges don’t care – they are funded with tax payer dollars too. Universities do not care, they just raise tuition. They just do not care.

I however, do have a solution.

People in the administrations of these institutions allow things like this to happen. In spite of the fact that institutions are making these edicts, the final decisions to enforce these unlawful and in most cases unconstitutional and unenforceable rules are INDIVIDUALS. They need to be held accountable. Individually. These well educated teachers, principals and administrators are surely aware of the Civil Rights of  their students, and the Constitution of the United States. To deny the rights of students and citizens to self expression (hurtful or otherwise), to turn their backs on such blatant racial discrimination, and to ignore the Constitutional Rights of students and citizens with dissenting opinions is an abomination. They need to be held  PERSONALLY accountable. And we need to start doing this NOW. When individuals start loosing money, credibility and authority,m things will change. When a High School Principal who authorized the coach to be told he cannot pray on the football field loses his job and cannot be hired by another school because he’s a liability, things will change. When INDIVIDUALS have to start answering for the crimes for the institutions, things will change. Taking shelter behind the paper veil of a corporation, agency or school board must no longer be an option.

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