The Inconvenient Truth About Travon Martin and the Zimmerman Trial

 Trayvon Martin file

The trial of George Zimmerman is one that will live on in the memories of Americans like that of O.J. Simpson. While all the talk is about Travon Martin, the assailant in this case, the trial was concerning the guilt of innocence of George Zimmerman, not Travon Martin – or was it?

First of all, why do all the news agencies refer to this as the “Travon Martin” case? Sure Zimmerman gets his name in the headlines frequently enough, but when this case is talked about at the water coolers of America, on the streets, and at all the protests, it is the “Travon Martin Case”. Sad, really.

We did not call the trial of O.J. Simpson the “Nicole Brown Case”. We do not call it the “Ronald Goldman Trial”. This case was about whether or not George Zimmerman was guilty of Second Degree Murder, the crime for which he was charged. Why do we call it the “Travon Martin” case? Easy – because the media wants to victimize Travon Martin. The media wants you to feel sorry for Travon Martin. The media always wants you to think about what Travon Martin lost, rather than considering the true guilt or innocence of George Zimmerman, and what he stands to lose. It’s a trick. Don’t fall for it.

While the prosecution worked hard to paint George Zimmerman as a vigilante police ‘wanna be’, try as they may, they were not successful. Here’s a few inconsistencies with the way evidence was handled by the Judge

  • Zimmerman’s first assigned judge was dismissed from the case for making inflammatory remarks about the case that were found to hinder Zimmerman’s ability to receive a fair trial. [a]
  • It took Zimmerman’s Attorneys 6 months to get the pictures of the bloodied George Zimmerman released from evidence to be subsequently released to the public, while George Zimmerman’s phone records were made immediately available to the prosecution.[b]
  • Travon Martin’s activities on Facebook and criminal record were found irrelevant to the case, while George Zimmerman’s class in Criminal Justice 7 years earlier was found relevant.[c]
  • Zimmerman’s Professor in his Criminal Justice Class remembers him a one of the “smarter students” in his class while testifying for the prosecution, but Zimmerman received a “D” in the class![d]

Additionally, here’s a few facts about the “innocent victim” in this case, Travon Martin.

  • Travon Martin had a criminal arrest record including, theft and drugs, which was found inadmissible, in spite of the toxicology test that found THC in Travon’s blood at the time of his death.[1]
  • Metro-Dade County School District Police Department conspired to alter and suppress these records.[2]
  • Travon Martin was may have been high on Marijuana at the time.[3]
  • The autopsy evidence shows Travon Martin was on top of George Zimmerman at the time the fatal shot was fired as the eye witness testified.[4]
  • In addition, the autopsy report revealed moderate beginning signs of brain damage, and mild liver damage associated with prolonged use of DXM or in street lingo “Lean “ in an otherwise healthy young Travon Martin.[5]
  • Travon Martin’s Twitter Account user name was “NO_LIMIT_NIGGA”.[8
  • Travon Martin was living with his father because his mother kicked him out of the house for bad behavior. [9]
  • Travon had been previously suspended from school for skipping classes. [9]
  • Travon’s text messages were released in May. Have you seen any of them in the press? 
    • Texts where he talked about buying a .380 handgun from a friend, an act that would have been illegal?
    • Where he refers to himself as a “gangsta”
    • Where he admits to smoking marijuana
    • Where he was suspended from school just 10 days before his shooting, and that marijuana traces and a marijuana pipe were found in his backpack.
    • Where he bragged about being in fights.[9][10]

And then there’s the press:

  • Still to this day, most network new media reports show the picture of Travon Martin as a 12 year old, when he was 17 at the time of the crime.
  • Conversely, the same reports show Zimmerman always in his suit, and not the color images of his bloodies head and broken nose.
  • NBC News knowingly alters the audio recording of the Zimmerman 911 call to paint him as a racist. [6]
  • Network news even after the fact of the information being released and the case being over, will not report on Travon’s known drug use, and suspicions of being a drug dealer. [7][8]
  • In news reports from many networks, Travon is treated with the utmost respect, calling him “Mr. Martin”, while the defendant is simply “George” or “Zimmerman”.[9]

Amazing isn’t it? All this documented information is available on the Internet and took me no more than 15 minutes to compile and document, yet most was deemed inadmissible in the trial, and tragically absent from the network news. 

I am a religious man. I have great compassion for the Travon Martin family. The loss of the life of such a young man is a tragedy in any circumstance. From all reasonable assumptions based on the facts we now have before us, Travon’s life, personal and family, was spiraling out of control, and quickly. Despite this evidence, Travon was a male of 17. A young adult, a young man who, for any number of reasons, made bad choices, and had no one in his life to help him make better ones. THIS is the tragedy. I have a 17 year old son, and regardless of the circumstances, were he to be killed, my heart would be broken, perhaps to never fully recover. I get that, I understand that. But these facts, these feelings do not mitigate the fact that George Zimmerman deserves just as much reasonable compassion and respect.

George Zimmerman may have been acquitted, but his life will never be the same. Yes, George Zimmerman is alive, but his life is changed just as the family of Travon Martin. With the racial bigotry and hatred out there, and even being promoted by our Attorney General, Zimmerman has cause to be in constant fear for his life. For that matter, the proof is in the fact that innocent whites and non-blacks have already been beaten and hospitalized, while the attackers cry out, “This is for Travon!”

The press made this racial. To their credit, the Martin family did not. At least not at first. Travon’s own mother said, “People want to make this a black and white issue, but I believe this is about right and wrong,” and the father seemed to agree – until the attorneys got a hold of them. All this black/white talk, and of course you know that Zimmerman is Hispanic – not white.

I’m heart broken for the Martin and Zimmerman families. To go through this would have been horrific. I’m more deeply troubled by the way this is being handled by our Administration and by the citizen’s of this fine nation. The Press as an entity is broken. There is no true “press” any more. It’s now agenda based propaganda promulgated by the major network news. I pray that God heal these families and this nation. I pray that as we all travel down the road of life that we can begin paying more attention to ourselves, taking responsibility for our own lives, and seeking God’s to lead them. In Jesus is our salvation and peace, and in Him alone.




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