#2: Refocusing

Yes, sometimes we need to be refreshed. Of this there is no doubt. Not only is it desirable, it is biblical. But for it to remain biblical, our refreshing must come from God, and nowhere else. Once we seek, and have received our refreshing from the Lord, yes, there is still more to do.

“There is more to do” is a line that threatens people. The first thing some will think is, “legalism!”, “works-based faith and redemption!” And while these phrases should rightly so make our spiritual spider-sense tingle, it is a sure sign of an under-fed, immature Christian to stop there and look (or listen) no further. When I say there is more to do, what I am meaning in this is simply that once we have become a Christian and have begun growing in the spirit, a sure sign of a maturing Christian is an unfettered desire to grow all the more. As we are made new creatures in Christ, these new creatures will have habits and desires that the old creature, now supposedly dead, never had: to become more and more like Christ with each day. Not wanting growth, not seeking growth, is a sure sign that spiritual maturity is lacking.

Now that we have that out of the way, let’s refocus on ‘refocusing’.

We have just come out of our period of refreshing. We are filled to overflowing with the joys of the Lord and our faith. What next? First thing: we must make sure that our focus remains on Christ and on our growth in Him of we ever hope to continue on in our refreshing. How do we do that? WE MUST make a firm decision in our life to take control of our will, and die to the flesh. We must seek to leave behind permanently, those things that caused us to seek after the things of the flesh. We must refocus everything on Christ and nothing on self. This is the ‘more to do’ that I talked about. You may call this work, and it may be, but it is also our only hope to keeping our refreshing.

The world wants you to have more focus on ‘self’. How do I look, how do I smell, do I have the right jewelry or accessory with me today. Does my body have the right shape or color? Do I have enough ‘credentials’ to be taken seriously? As if a college degree makes one more spiritual. The world (ruled by the enemy) will be well satisfied to see you focused on anything other than Jesus, but the BEST way for Satan to derail you, rob you of your peace and newfound refreshing, is to have you focused on ‘self’.

We must examine everything in our lives, and make sure that each ‘thing’ is focused on Jesus. Our pride, joy, love, energy, time…everything is His, why do we keep it to serve ourselves? He created it, He owns it, why not give everything back. In doing this, our refreshing comes full circle through our refocusing to become… RENEWING.

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