The Power of Prayer

I know, you’ve seen this title a million times before. Rightfully, the power of prayer is a subject that should be frequently covered. I have stated many times myself that prayer is the most powerful, yet most under-used tool that the Christian has. A direct link to the Creator cannot be over looked or understated. What could be a more efficient administrative chain than to have the lowliest of people on the chain have direct access to the one highest? Having this direct link we use it (when we deem necessary, but not nearly frequent enough) with great efficiency and joy. We see results from it sometimes instantaneously, and because of these results we most often look at the power of prayer in its ability to bring resolution and direct intervention by God as its most powerful trait. But there is much, so much more to the power of prayer.

Our family is moving forward right now through an emotionally stressed time. Sonja’s Grandmother passed away last week, and so this week brings the memorials, visits from extended family, planning and logistics that all have to be ironed out and dealt with that go along with such events. Being believers we of course have a different outlook than other members of the family, and we deal with things in different ways than those who have different world (or heaven) views. The pain of a family member lost is tempered by the sight of long lost relatives and the warm hugs and restored friendships of those who have been left behind as we move along with our lives.

As we work through eternal issues with temporal emotions, even the most dedicated Christian will have times when they need a good cry, or feel the need to ask the question “why?” It is not a sign of weakness or lack of faith or understanding of the sovereignty of God it is more than that, and it points out another power that is in prayer.

When a person prays to God, they are doing more than just seeking divine guidance, assistance or intervention. They are doing more than seeking to have direct contact with the Creator, and bring to the all powerful One the things that are in their hearts. A person praying is doing far more than seeking out from God that which he or she cannot provide for themselves, or to solve an issue or intervene in an event that is far beyond their control and completely beyond their ability to fix. While all of these things can be true, what is perhaps even more important is this: It is man doing what comes natural. It is man showing his basest of instincts; seeking God to show them His love.

A.W. Tozer once wrote, “For that man of woman who has been redeemed by the blood of the lamb, the most natural thing for that person to do is lift his or her heart in prayer and praise God. God put that desire there. God put that response there. And redemption unleashes its capacity.” You see the real power of prayer is not that it brings results, or that god is sure to hear you, or that all your prayers are heard, but simply that it brings man closer to God!

Prayer often brings man to his knees before God. It is hard to be arrogant when we are kneeling before someone. Prayer is a self realized conclusion expressing that you are subservient to One greater than yourself. Prayer is placing yourself under the headship of the One who can answer that prayer. Prayer is the main sponsor of humility. Psalm 25:9 says, “The humble He guides in justice, and the humble He teaches His way.”

The power of prayer is the power to unite the lost with their God. The power of prayer, again, the most common and natural reaction for mankind to have in times of need, a most natural of instincts known to man, is a builder of bridges between the lost and the found. Its power is in its ability to bring eternal life to the prayer. This is truly the power of prayer.

Do not ever hesitate to lift what is on your heart to God in prayer. Philippians 4:6-7 tells us that we should hold back nothing, but bring all things to God in prayer, with thanksgiving and that God’s peace, which will be far from our own understanding will be the result. Exercise the power of prayer today, and get reacquainted with God.


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