Support or Condemn

Please take the 3:29 it takes to watch this video.
David Horowitz, a Jew himself, was invited to be the key note speaker at “Israel Apartheid Week” at the University of California San Diego. Horowitz was hosted by Young Americans for Freedom. During the question and answer period, a young female Muslim stands to ask a question of Mr. Horowitz. The question is legitimate and harmless; “please make a better connection between MSA (Muslim Students Association) and ‘terrorist groups’ that you associate with the MSA in your writings”. [NOTE: This is a legitimate question, and should be asked more often by the press, “where are your facts?”. But the very point that she is part of the group hosting “Hitler Youth Week” on the UCSD Campus ought to give us all a clue of what type of world view and political doctrine is spinnin through this young lady’s head]
At this point Mr. Horowitz asks a most poignant question, and one that every AMERICAN should ask every Muslim they encounter. I don;t care of you are a Christian, God fearing person, Jew, JW, LDS, white, black, Asian, Hispanic… whatever – if you love America, and love the relative safety we have here in this country, you had better learn to ask this question:

“Do you support, or condemn?”

Now that you have watched this: PRAY! Not first for our nation, although we are called to do that, but FIRST for the lost souls of the adhereants to Islam. They are blind, confused, and lost people that can only be healed by knowing a loving Jesus that died to save them as much as He died to save you, me, and every other sinner in the hostory of this world. We must educate ourselves to the thruth and threat of Islam, and we must pray that their eyes are open to the healing and peace that only come from Jesus.

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