Truth – What is Truth?

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  1. Jane White says:

    I like how you take Pilate and his search for truth. Pilate did ask what trust was, and the Truth was standing right in front of him. You say the Bible is the Truth because Jesus Christ is the Truth and Jesus is the Word. Jesus even said He was the Truth. He can’t have been more obvious with us. I have had to search for the Truth for a short while because from what I could see, my church, the Roman Catholic Church, wasn’t teaching the truth. Some of its teachings directly contradicted the Bible, and so I wondered, which is right: Jesus Christ, or the Roman Catholic Church? I eventually came to a point where I felt safer believng the Bible was the Truth because it nver changes. The church is constantly changing. I want to follow something that’s not going to budge so it can be trustworthy, so I believe the Bible is the Truth.
    Now I just need an open heart while reading the Bible so Jesus can show me what messages He wants me to get out of His Word. I read it every day if I can. I also do my best to act on it, but sometimes that seems impossible…

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