Thank You, Burt Brady

This video was forwarded to me by my good friend George Fennel. I just had to share it with you all.

I can not express my thanks to all these people who are at the airpot to meet our returning troops. When I came back from Desert Storm in 1991, we had a reception, but it was on post, and was all family and friends. While that was certainly a welcomed sight, along with the free McDonalds McRib sandwiches, it was not the general public. This is certainly different.

I think most soldiers will agree that they are not looking for the ‘wow’ of the public, or a welcome home as all sorts of hero. But what encourages a soldier the most is to know that the people back home, the general public, love and support them, and are glad that they are doing their job to protect America.

You see a soldiers job is bigger than himself. The phrase that gets thrown around as a cliche is that when the soldier is in battle, that is not fighting for his mission, or for his country, or for any cause. What they are fighting for is the soldier to his left and right, who is in turn are fighting for him. Now don;t get me wrong, a good soldier knows that missions comes first above all else. But the cliche is no cliche. That’s exactly what the soldier fights for, the soldiers to their left and right, that without whom, his life is lost, and the mission fails.

So to Burt Brady, and all those who come out to help him greet the soldiers returning from war, Thank you for all that you do. YOU all are the real American hero.

Whether you agree or disagree with what the soldiers are doing over seas, they are following orders that are being made by the administration that has been voted into power. Like it or not. Soldiers deserve our support, not our protest.

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