Psalm 63:3

Because Your lovingkindness is better than life, My lips shall praise You.

It is love that separates us from the world, and identifies us with Christ
I’m recovering from the post “I spent more than 5 hours in an airplane” cold. You know, the one you get after breathing 250 other people’s recycled air. But in any case, as I get back into the swing of my weekly routine, I felt the need for some spiritual encouragement this morning, and went immediately to the Psalms.

There, while reading, I came across this verse, and I immediately began to sing. You see, this verse in Psalm 63 is a line from a worship son called Kindness by Chris Tomlin. I recognized this right away, and just broke into song (probably good that you all weren’t here with me!).

Then I began to ponder the reality of that verse and just openly meditate on it out-loud:
Lord, I love my life. My life allows me to know things, and grow, and serve and to love my wife and family, to be someone that can think, act, make decisions. My life, if lived as you have lead me, can influence other people and bring them alongside you as well. My life is important to me for many reasons. I freely admit that some of them are self serving, but I try desperately to live my life in such a way that the things that I love do not become more important than the things that YOU love. My life is what makes me a child of God. My life is mine to…..

…And then it hit me…

My life isn’t mine at all. It’s Christ’s who not only created it, but bought it and redeemed it with a price. It is THAT that makes His lovingkindness so important, better than life actually.

His love really is what sustains us. No matter what we do, where we are in life or in our walk, His love is the sustaining factor of our lives. Without it, we falter and fail. Love is the key to Christianity. Love drove Jesus to voluntarily give up His life for the likes of you an me. Love drives us today, compelled by the Spirit, to do what is right, rather than what is wrong. It is love that separates us from the world, and identifies us with Christ. Who IS love, and the total picture of God Himself. Love IS better than life, because love gives life. And the love we have from Jesus allows us to gives that life to others as well.

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