Veteran’s Day

As a Combat Veteran who served in Desert Storm, my deepest thanks, honor and appreciation go out to all others who have served, and to those at home who prayed for them, and continue to pray today.

As a Christian, I am also a patroit, soldier, and lover my country. I still cry every time I hear the National Anthem played. Although violent and disturbing, I feel it is necessary that our children see images of war so that they know of it’s horrors, and respect the soldiers of this nation that fight those horrific battles in far away lands so that they do not have to be faught here. I feel they need to have a solid historically accurate (i.e. not the stories they are taught in public educational/indoctrinational institutions…) knowdge of and understanding of the wars faught particularly by the soldiers of this great nation, but of all history. Those who do know know and understand history, are detined to repeat it.

Thank you to all Veterans, past, present and future. There is no greater thanks we can give you than a thank you when we see you, respect of your unitform, and to honot you on this day. I have lost friends in war, and have others fighting right now. May God be with them all.

In an effort to stir up some patriotism, here’s a song that should inspire.

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