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Hope is Encouraging

The only thing that keeps many people alive today have, is hope. When I consider this, I feel like most people would agree that the first thing they might think of are the sick, starving sand persecuted peoples of third-world countries. And we’d probably be right to do so. But, we must not forget the sick and poor on this nation, in our State, in our communities that also lack everything but hope. As Christians, we deliver hope in the form of Jesus Christ. This is the best and last hope for all mankind. We need to be encouraging enough...


Reverence Lost?

Devotion: 1 January, 2015 This morning being the first day of the new year, it’s always wonderful to have the feeling of starting new. For our family, what’s new this year is that we are all studying through the same daily devotional. This devotional, authored by Dr. David Jeremiah (a conservative evangelical pastor with Southern Baptist roots) is titled Sanctuary, and is focused on taking the time to find “refuge in the presence of God”. That’s what Sanctuary is, taking refuge in Christ, finding time to set aside to make a visit with God important to us, each and every day. The...


Devotions: 5-Different Ways to Keep Your Devotions Fresh

Like prayer, having a solid devotional life is critical to every Christian who desires to grow in Christ. Over time, how we spend our devotional time shifts and changes. We do the best we can to stay close to our creator, growing in knowledge and understanding of Him, and try to (re)build a relationship with Him that is better than the one we had, yesterday, last month, last year. However, no matter what you do, how you change that time you set aside each day for time to devote to your love and reverence for Jesus, it can easily becomes...


Hillsong’s Brian Houston and Gay Marriage

Houston, we have a problem. Yet another hub-bub in conservative Christian circles is rocking social media. This issue relates to Hillsong’s founder and pastor Brian Houston and his remarks pertaining to gay marriage. The buzz started buzzing and the media started taking sides almost immediately. Thankfully, some cooler heads prevailed and waited to see how this all worked out as the cloud of dust and the hardy ‘Hi-Ho Silver’s’ settled down. I’ve reserved comment on this topic until now. I still would not be commenting on it but for the reason that I see an opportunity to point out an...


The Implications of Understanding Contentment

I’d venture a guess that most Christians are aware of the verse in Philippians 4:13 that says, “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me“. And why not? It is one of the most memorized and most significant verses in all of scripture. As a matter of fact, lists it as the number 4 most read verses in all the bible. The Gospel Coalition’s records show the same thing. What a great verse to know. How empowering, how peace-giving, how awesome in its truth. While this verse is a very rare, stand-alone doctrine builder, it is not...

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