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Nothing is more beautiful than my wife. I guess you’d expect me to say that, after-all, I did marry her. But I’m not talking about just her outside beauty. While I certainly find her physically attractive, and appreciate that type of beauty, there is so much more that God shows be about the quality of her beauty all the time. All we have to do to see what the world considers as beautiful these days is open the Sunday paper, or your favorite magazine. Spend ten minutes watching television, or take a walk through the local mall. To the world,...


Why the Trend in Christian Movies is Bad

For years, Christian movies have doing very well in theaters. Revenue return over cost invested in Christian films are some of the highest percentages in the film industry. This is not just considering independent films, but releases from major studios are experiencing the same results. It seems the better these films are produced (and the less they look “B” grade), the higher the profit margin. So if Christian films are making more money per dollar invested, why is Hollywood not making more? For years this has been the question that American Christians have been asking. Finally, Hollywood seems to be listening.  The...


I am a Mucked-Out Stall

Farm life, even life on a small farm inhabited with more chickens then any other livestock, cause a man to ponder things from strange or uncommon points of view sometimes. For some reason last evening, just tucked in beside my awesome wife, this thought cam to me. My life is like a mucked out stall. Raising goats, cows, horses, nearly any farm animal, is going to require sheltering the animals from the weather. For this reason we build barns. Because not all animals are alike, and even those that are do not always get along (something like people), we make...


Confession of Faith

A Confession of faith is defined as a “formal statement of doctrinal belief ordinarily intended for public avowal by an individual, a group, a congregation, a synod, or a church; confessions are similar to creeds, although usually more extensive. They are especially associated with the churches of the Protestant Reformation. See also creed.” A quick internet search will find links to confessions of faith from virtually every major denomination on the planet. From the Baptists, to the Westminster and anyone in between that wants to set delineated differences in their doctrinal beliefs or even in significant variations in stylization of worship...


I Disagree with you – So Does that mean I’m a Racist Biggot Now?

As a conservative Christian who believes and teaches that the bible means what it says (of course this will start its own debate – mostly from people who will fall into the categories we are about to discuss below. Sadly, many of them “Christians” themselves…), I never find a shortage of news items, opinions,  theories or “science” that I disagree with. This is also true as a conservative free -thinker – one who does not buy-in to the latest trends, environmental disasters or new-found social norms of the enlightened secular humanists. Scientifically, theologically, or sociologically – all have to align...

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